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Members of the "New Mill" Association include: poets, painters, photographers as well as supporters and promoters of culture and art.
Those who live in Szklarska Poreba include:

  • Janina Korpal - photographer, wife of renowned photographer Jan Korpal (1916 -1977). She had worked with her husband in their atelier in Szklarska Poreba. Since 1977, a member of the Photographic Society in Jelenia Gora and ASF Federation in Poland. She is the author of atmospheric Karkonosze landscapes. She has a gallery in her own house in Szklarska Poreba, operating since 1998, in which the artistic achievements of her husband and her photographic works are exposed. Founder-member of the New Mill association.

    Artistic Photography Gallery of Jan and Janina Korpal

  • Zbigniew Frączkiewicz - in the years 1965 -1971, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Department of Sculpture - diploma in the studio of Tadeusz Łodziana. Since 1989 he has lived in Szklarska Poreba, where he tried to create a center for creative work in the quarry, ran the F Gallery (1990-1999), organizes open-air sculpting activities.
    Realizes monumental sculptures of stone and iron. He is the author of one of the most important sculptural series carried out in Poland in recent years - Ironmen (1984r.), monument to the victims of Lubin'82 (1991-1992), a seven-meter figure of Christ on the Cross of the Millennium in Boleslawiec (2000/1). Major exhibitions: The "Dead Forests" action made in Izerskie Garby (1989), "Sacred Secular Sculpture" in the BWA in Jelenia Góra, "We of the 20th century" (2004) in the Wroclaw “Awangarda” Gallery at the Old Market, "Sculpture Grande” (2004 and 2005) in the Art Factory Gallery in Prague, "Tractor Driver" and "We of the 20th Century" - Industriada Gliwice 2010, "Polish Sculpture in the shadow of the Alps in St. Urban", Switzerland, 2010.
    Founder-member of New Mill association.

    AUTHOR’S GALLERY: www.zbignief.3d.pl

  • Zygmunt Trylański - mountain guide, photographer, he lives in Szklarska Poreba since 1971. He deals with photography since 1965, is a member of the Photographic Society in Jelenia Gora and creative groups: Sector, A-74, Gama 74, operating in the 70's, 80's. He is the author of several solo exhibitions, had participated in group exhibitions, and in the years 1976-1981, he took part in 120 international Photography Salons, winning numerous awards, including the most prestigious one - the Grand Prix of Venus 77. He usually photographs Karkonosze landscapes, nude acts and portraits. Founder-member of the New Mill association.

    AUTHOR’S READING: www.tryzyg.pl

  • Beata Kórnicka-Konecka - studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Department of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture; degree in graphic design in 1983 in the studio of Grzegorz Marszałek. Since 1994, she has been living in Szklarska Poreba, where she led with her husband (...) the Center for Art Education and the Kokon Art Gallery.
    Mainly recognized for her drawings, often referring to the literary themes - the "Decameron," "Memoir found in Saragossa" or "Alice in Wonderland." She is the author of such drawing series as the "Book of the Mountain Spirit" by Carl Hauptmann (2000), "The Mask" (1999-2002), "The Loneliness of God" (2003). She has presented her works at numerous exhibitions in Torun, Wloclawek, Walbrzych Warsaw, Jelenia Gora, New York, also in Germany and the Czech Republic and - in 2005 - the retrospective exhibitions at "Arsenal" City Gallery in Poznan. Founder-member of the New Mill association.

  • Janusz Konecki - painter, graphic, illustrator, graduated the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts - Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture; degree in studio graphics in 1983 in the studio of Tadeusz Jackowski. Since 1994, he lives in Szklarska Poreba, where he and his wife opened the Center for Art Education and the Kokon Art Gallery. Presented his work at several exhibitions in the Offices of Art Exhibitions and galleries in Poland, Germany and New York. He has won many competitions, participated in group exhibitions, is a member of the International Society of Mezzotint Enthusiasts in Gdansk. Founder-member of the New Mill association.

  • Agata Roszkiewicz - painter, poet, jewelry designer, born in 1978 in Jelenia Gora. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz; diploma in the Painting Department in 2004 in the studio of Professor. Juliusz Narzyński. Appendix - Lithography - in the studio of Jerzy Grabowski. She is currently out of Szklarska Poreba. She is a very restless spirit, and does a lot of traveling.

  • Radoslaw Pelisiak - photographer

    AUTHOR’S GALLERY: www.foto.wszklarskiej.net

  • Piotr Lipinski - born in 1954 in Chorzow, lives in Szklarska since 1977. Since 1993, he cooperates with a private TV station "AVAL" in Jelenia Gora as their reporter. In 1996, he opened a private assembly studio "VIDEO FILM Piotr Lipinski."
    1996 and 1997 – a film documentation of the Multimedia Festival of Electronic Music Forms "EL_IZERIE in Swieradow
    1998 - video documentation of a performance by ‘Blattwerk’ Theatre of Movement in Belgium
    Individual photograph shows in: Świeradów, Berlin, Szklarska Poreba, Desna (Czech Republic), Zgorzelec

    AUTHOR’S GALLERY: www . fotolipinski.com

  • Irena Gołąb - a painter. The author’s motto is "the more beauty we see around us, the richer we are", draws her attention towards her immediate surroundings, the scenery outside the window, the forest where she lives, the nature and landscapes of Szklarska Poreba in which she feels happy. While painting, she feels alive; "without my passion I would be like without air’, she confesses.

    AUTHOR’S GALLERY: www.malarstwo.olejne.karkonosze.eu.interia.pl

  • Agata Modzelewska - painter, photographer, graphic artist. She has been living in Szklarska Poreba since birth. The mountains are her passion. She is a skiing instructor as well as photographer. At the beginning of her artistic path, she dealt with drawing, then with painting, to finally drop both and take up the art of photography. Her favorite subjects are: coverage and landscape.

    AUTHOR’S GALLERY: www.agata.szklarska- poreba.tm.pl:

Non-associated Artists

  • Regina Włodarczyk-Puchała – she was born in Nowogródek. Finished artistic studies with honors in 1958 at the Department of Ceramics and Glass at the National School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, under Prof. Stanisław Dawski. After graduation she took up a job at Crystal Glassworks "Julia" in Szklarska Poreba as a designer and a principal specialist for design. While having a significant impact on the development of industrial design, she at the same time sought her own ways of expression. Her work resulted in participation in over 40 exhibitions in Poland and abroad, individual exhibitions, a number of competitions, awards, prizes. All exhibited works, both in Poland and abroad, have been made in "Julia" glassworks, which she relates to her work to this day. From the beginning, she worked with her husband, Aleksander Puchała. Until he died, they had made a great artistic duo. They took part in the same joint exhibitions and had joint achievements.

  • Grażyna Tereszkiewicz - was born in 1967 in Jelenia Gora. Between 1992-1997 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the faculty of painting and graphic art under the guidance of Prof. C.K. Kowalski. After graduation, she worked at the Jelenia Góra Regional TV Aval - as chief editor, she was also an author and editor of artistic programs. She is a founding member of the "Herhor" Association of Friends of Egypt, based in Warsaw.

  • Tomasz Olszewski – artist photographer. Member of Union of Polish Art Photographers since 1959. Higher education in Wrocław - economy, geography. In the years 1953-1960, he had participated in numerous exhibitions of national and fourteen international salons. In 1968, he has won the prize of Wroclaw for photography. In the years 1960-1982, nine solo premiere shows. He also released two photo albums: "Wroclaw Old and New" and "My Town". Parallel work in the studios of urbanization (Wroclaw, Bialystok, Jelenia Gora), preparing the photo conditions for landscape decisions. In the years (1982-2000) he had a solo exhibition "Land of the Winds and the Mist” - Jelenia Gora, Bad Harzburg, Szklarska Poreba. He is interested in the visual side of social phenomena, which he photographs as peculiar signs of our times. He had always regarded wandering in the woods with a camera as a retreat from human affairs, so in his pictures of nature man appears only as staffage.

  • Matt Wokan – artist sculptor

    AUTHOR’S GALLERY: www.galeria-izerska.com