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If you want to look at tourism from a slightly different angle, choose the "trip to trifle" with the Big Sztaudynger's Tourist Trail (DSTT). You will have an opportunity to commune not just with beautiful landscapes, but also with the works of master of the short form, for some time resident of our city, Jan Sztaudynger.
A route was planned around the city, and information boards were erected in 14 specific points. On each of them is a brief description of the place where it is located, information about Jann Sztaudynger and a trifle of his authorship. A slogan of the tour is a poem written by Sztaudynger "Landscapes like grains".

Landscapes like grains of the Rosary
I do not want new, ever old resume,
And the same with a passion still new
I dress my with clumsy word.
You see I'm touched with Soplica disease
Nothing but the country do I like.

Traveling all the way takes about 7-10 hours, but because the trail runs around the city, you can - if tired - direct your steps to the center at any point.

If you want to go the entire route, you must be well prepared for this.
You have to go early if you wish to get to the end before nightfall. It is good to have a waterproof overcoat and spare clothing. It is worth to equip yourself with a small first aid kit as well as food and water. In addition to the leaflets of the sketched route (you can get that town information office) you need to bring an accurate map. Do not go into the mountains alone; together with your companion, you will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful views and Jan Sztaudynger's trifles.


Daily walk
I need to go anywhere, I have to trust the road.
I get idle when at home, with nowhere to go.

The highest point of the route is the High Stone - 1085 m above sea level, whereas the lowest point is the parking lot near Szklarki waterfall, the difference being approximately 600 m. We move off to the trail from the former home of John Sztaudynger at 55, 1-Maja St., heading towards the Walloon cottage, then taking the blue trail to the right, we come to the Szronowiec forester hut, then by the road and the forest path we reach the trail to pass under the cable car line and cross the Pooh ski trail. The next step is to approach the Kamieńczyk waterfall, then return and go into the smelter. By the White Valley come to the red trail on the High Stone. Once you reach the peak, you should take a longer rest; if the weather is good, you can enjoy the panorama of the Jizera and Karkonosze. Next, go down the yellow trail to the Death Turn through the Black Mountain, passing rock group called the Belfry (Dzwonnica). This episode is particularly pleasant - larch, birch and large distance from the city. A few deep breaths, Sztaudynger's epigram In the forest:"Here lives the echo and the deuce, and yet so quiet in here..." and you're already at the Death Turn. Next step - through Lower Szklarska Poreba go to the Wobbling Stone (Chybotek) and to theGolden View. The final step is to get to the table No. 14 by the Szklarka waterfall. Starting the blue trail from the waterfall you get to the Walloon cottage, thus closing the circle around Szklarska Poreba, the last effort and we're at the point of departure - the ruins of Sztaudynger's house and table no. 1 on the trail.

A detailed description of the route will be available in the forthcoming guide to the DSTT.
Even if you do not have the strength to go through all of DSTT, pick up one of the points on the route, or in another beautiful place, of which there is no shortage, to breathe the fresh mountain air. Let us take example from Jan Sztaudynger - lover of nature.

Official opening of the route was held on May 2nd, 2009, at 9.00 in the ruins of the former home of Jan Sztaudynger at 55, 1-Maja St. This trail is a result of finalization of the Thistle Fluff Association 'first phase of the project "Trip to trifle". The project is implemented in cooperation with the General Secondary Schools and Sports Championship schools of J.I. Sztaudynger and funded by the City Council.

more info at www.puchostu.pl