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3 Kilińskiego St.
Tel. +48 75 717 21 91

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Jan Korpal - (1916-1977) - artist photographer, a master of portraits, author of outstanding landscapes of Karkonosze. He moved to Szklarska Poreba immediately after the war ended in 1945. As an artist photographer, he made his debut at the Festival of Fine Arts in Sopot in 1949.  In 1951, he was member of Polish Association of Art Photographers, and in 1967 he was accepted as a member of the prestigious Swiss Federation Internationale de l'art Photographique. One of the most recognized and respected Polish photographers, privately engaged in any, even the smallest commission, kindly remembered by friends and colleagues in the industry. He cooperated with the weekly "Nowiny Jeleniogórskie" and was the co-initiator of several editions of the "Sudetes" contest. He loved Karkonosze at first sight, spending every spare moment photographing the wildlife and the landscape of the surrounding mountains. He left behind a rich collection of photographs and many albums featuring the beauty of the region and hundreds of postcards. Friend of the painter Wlastimil Hofman, he has created, at the artist’s request, a photographic record of his postwar works. Deep familiarity between the two artists resulted in excellent portraits of them both, either on photographic film or on canvas.

Nowadays, the work of Jan Korpal can be seen in a small gallery of the author led by his wife, Janina Korpal, also an artist photographer. In addition to the photographer's images, the family of Jan Korpal presents a mini-gallery with memorabilia of Wlastimil Hofman and photographic works of Janina Korpal Korpała as well as sculptures by her son, Krzysztof Korpal.


Exposure in the stone circle, a spatial installation - a memorial to the Victims of Lubin 1991-1992 by Zbigniew Frączkiewicz.

6 Słoneczna St., tel +48 75 717 24 91

Zbigniew Frączkiewicz - born in 1946, sculptor, illustrator, medalist, graphic artist and designer. He received an honors degree in Tadeusz Łodziana’s studio at the Academy of Fine Arts; after graduating, he worked with large industrial plants in Legnica and Chocianow. Working with urban planners, he had made a series of monumental sculptures in urban decoration projects. Since 1989, resident of Szklarska Poreba. "The people of Iron" - a series of monumental figures, emerging from the 1984 and shown in many cities. His works are presented on the collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and Europe, in museums and private collections in Poland and Germany.
The ‘Ironmen’ series is one of the most important sculptural series carried out in Poland in the last two decades. (...) For Frączkiewicz, the Ironmen are creations degenerated by civilization and industry. They are the sum of his experience while working in the southern Polish industrial plants, sum of his thoughts on the human condition. It is also a figurative, threatening reminder of the contemporary artist, indifferent to the reality" - Krzysztof Stanisławski.

Circle 2000 - an object composed of 30 raw granite blocks, arranged in a circle with a diameter of 20m, the walls of a future gallery, asylum for Ironmen, a memorial and a place of reflection on the past century.