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ATTENTION!!! Grand opening of the Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit.

Among the green forests in the valley of the Kamienna River, on the slopes of the Karkonosze and Jizera Mountains, a magical garden extends; a garden of history, traditions, beliefs, magic and nature. Its ruler is the Mountain Spirit, called Karkonosz, Rzepiórem, or Liczyrzepa. Unpredictable as the forces of nature. Sometimes ruthless, sometimes gracious and caring. He is probably as old as the mountains themselves. Lord of his lands, diligently guarding the underground treasures and caring for the living things within the borders of his domain.
Since the time of the Walloons, the Mountain Spirit influenced the imagination of writers and chroniclers. Presented almost as a figure of flesh and blood, subject to truly human weaknesses, while having an almost divine power: eternity and immortality. Gracious lord of the rich flora and fauna of Karkonosze, and malicious persecutor of the greedy, dishonest and deceitful representatives of the human race.
The oldest known graphical representation of the Mountain Spirit is the character on the map of Karkonosze by the Wroclaw cartographer Martin Helwig from 1561. The image of the Spirit of Mountains has changed over the centuries.
Szklarska Poreba in capturing this earliest image - head of an eagle with the winding viper's tongue, with deer antlers and goat legs. The body of a lion and a two-place lion's tail.
We invite you to take a tour around his kingdom. The Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit, which was designed for family travels, is already at your disposal. The most interesting points of the route are marked with granite boulders containing mysterious holograms. These characters are part of a game field, in which everyone can participate.

Visit all points:

LEŚNA HUTA (Foret Glassworks) - it is currently the only glassworks in Szklarska Poreba, where experienced glaziers are continuing the medieval tradition of producing hand-blown glass. 2 Kołłątaja St., tel. 075 717 23 03 Open from Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00, on Sun 10:00-18:00. Admission: regular ticket 6PLN, half-price ticket 3PLN

KARKONOSZE Center for Environmental Education - the nature of the Karkonosze National Park and of the mountains. Ecology, biology, human activity, flora and fauna, and climate of the Karkonosze are presented in an interactive way. 28 Okrzei St., tel. 075 717 21 24 Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 15:00. Admission: regular ticket 4PLN, half-price ticket 2PLN

KRUCZE SKAŁY (Raven Rocks) - an impressive group of rocks lies on the right bank of the Kamienna river at an altitude of 718 m above sea level (perfect lookout spot). Raven Rocks are the place of an extreme sports resort - the "Quasar" Mountain School. For more information, please visit www.quasar.net.pl

KAMIEŃCZYK WATERFALL (Wodospad Kamieńczyka) - the highest waterfall in the Polish Karkonosze. The threshold of the waterfall is located at an altitude of 843 m above sea level, and the water falls from a height of three-level cascade of 27 m to the beautiful Kamienczyk Gorge. Behind the middle cascade of waterfall there is a cave called "the Gold Cave" for its concentration of pegmatite and amethysts. "Kamieńczyk" Shelter is located near the waterfall as well as the "Sielanka" ("Idyll ") Hut. Admission: adult ticket 5PLN, half-price 2,50PLN

SZRENICA - towering over the town, it is the main peak in the Karkonosze Ridge reaching the height of 1362 m above sea level, lead to via the chair lift of the Szrenica SKI ARENA (www.sudetylift.com.pl). At the top there is a well-known mountain shelter called "Szrenica". Although Szrenica is not a high mountain, climatic conditions are such as in the Alps at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level.

ZAKRĘT ŚMIERCI ( the Death Turn) - the most famous turn in Poland - is on the route from Szklarska Poreba to Świeradów-Zdroj approximately 3.5 km from the city center. The turn is very dangerous - it has a full 180 degrees. On the side of the road there is a telescope, with which one can admire the panorama of the Karkonosze and Jelenia Góra Valley.

SKAŁKI KARCZMARZ (Innkeeper Rocks) - the main artery of Szklarska Poreba - Jedności Narodowej St. - narrows between the rocks, which make a characteristic element of the urban landscape. The name comes from a popular inn, which stood there in long-ago days, and was famed for its delicious food.

ZŁOTY WIDOK ('GOLDEN VIEW') - a scenic, high stone threshold with a panoramic view of the Karkonosze.

CHYBOTEK ('The Wobbling Stone') since the 19th century, it has become one of the main attractions in Szklarska Poreba. The several-meters-high rock group is composed of a couple of stone blocks. The highest stone with a diameter of 4 m is supported at two spots and can be easily rocked.

LIPA SĄDOWA ('the Judical Linden') - in Lower Szklarska Poreba, at Piastowska St., there was a place where courts gathered in the ld times.

WODOSPAD SZKLARKI ('Szklarki Waterfall") located in a picturesque enclave within the Karkonosze National Park, in the middle of the Szklarki Gorge. The waterfall cascades falling down 13.3 meters, tapering at the bottom and twisting bodies of water spirally. On the left bank of the rocky threshold there are impressive plunge pools. There is also a small shelter by the waterfall, called "Kochanówka". Charge for admission to the Karkonosze National Park.

OLD COTTAGE WALLOON (Stara Chata Walońska) - the seat of modern treasure hunters - the Walloon Brotherhood in the Sudetes and its Grand Master - Juliusz Naumowicz. Shows are organized for groups, including the secret rites and forms of Walloon extracurricular activities in geology, coupled with activities in the field under the supervision of the Walloon guides. 17 Kołłątaja St., 75 717 29 56, www.chatawalonska.pl

RULES of the outdoor games, "Treasure Hunters"

  1. Organizers: City Promotion Department - City Hall in Szklarska Poreba, 1 Jedności Narodowej St., Tel./fax 75 75 47 740 75, 75 75 47 742 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.szklarskaporeba.pl Maciej Wokan - Jizera Workshop e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Local Tourist Organization - 8 Słowackiego St., 58-580 Szklarska Poreba Patronage: www.karkonosz.pl
  2. EVERYONE who completes the form and enters the fun at the office of the organizer can and even should participate in the game - Tourist Information Centre in Szklarska Poreba 1a, Jedności Narodowej St. 
  3. At the Tourist Information, you should obtain a package of ancillary materials known as "The Book of Treasures", which consists of: A Guide to the Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit, a notebook and a pencil to redraw holograms.
  4. Participation in the game is FREE. The cost of ancillary materials (Book of Treasure: A Guide to Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit, a notebook and pencil) is 5.00PLN, available at the Information Office in Szklarska Poreba. 
  5. Visit all the points:- Szklarka Waterfall, the Death Turn, the Innkeeper Rocks, the Golden View, the Raven Rocks, the Wobbling Stone, the Kamieńczyk Waterfall, the Karkonosze Environmental Education Center, the Town Hall, the Judicial Linden tree, Lesna Huta, Szrenica, Old Cottage Walloon - all marked on the map in the Guide to the Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit, and copy the green holograms with a soft pencil in a notebook.
  6. If you complete this task you will be entered in a special "Book of the Treasures Hunters" and also receive a commemorative certificate and the name of "the Explorer of Magic Szklarska Poreba".
  7. Report to the Tourist Information office at 1a Jedności Narodowej St. that you have completed the task. You will take part in a prize draw. The draw will take place four times a year - in early Spring, early Summer, early Autumn and early Winter. Observe our website www.szklarskaporeba.pl, where information about the exact date of the drawing of valuable Bergson's prizes would be announced. 
  8. In the absence of the lottery winners, the prize organizer will send the notification to the specified addresses.

- Opening of the Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit - SZKLARNIA TV - (video)