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You can find:

  • The easy trails, small clearances, magnificent panoramas, large spaces in the Jizera Mountains
  • In the Karkonosze - advanced routes and at the same breathtaking scenery 
  • Contact with nature - 80% of the routes run along forest paths, gravel and pebble trails, or mountain paths in the immediate vicinity of the Karkonosze National Park
  • The possibility of all-day-long trips by bike or on foot, visiting the hospitable hostel accommodation with mountain food along the way
  • Accommodations in the year-round guest camping or private pensions, houses or hotels 
  • "Accommodation for bicycles" - the homes on the premises with the closed parking for bikes
  • Bike rentals, service stations and hardware stores and bike accessories 
  • Central Europe's largest Festival of Cycling BIKE ACTION - marathon, downhill cup, dirt jump, trial show www.bikeaction.pl

Cycling routes in figures

  • 19 marked cycling routes
  • 450 km - total length of paths for cyclists 
  • 8 km - the longest downhill on the route, 
  • 1150 m above sea-level- the highest point on the route 
  • 1 to 5 scale of difficulty of slopes 
  • Length of the route from 8 to 50 km

Marking of bicycle routes

Look out for signs painted on trees, rocks, walls or free-standing slabs. you can find items on the white background:

  • Biker silhouette
  • The number or numbers of routes 
  • Arrows 
  • Sponsors logos 
  • Warning signs - exclamation points (from one to three) indicate the need for extreme caution 
  • As part of marking routes are free-standing, large-scale maps of cycling routes included in the nodal points, to facilitate orientation and movement on the area.

Hardware requirements and rules for the routes use

Most routes in Szklarska Poreba go along forest roads (mostly gravel roads) and stony, mountain paths, so they need to be covered on a mountain bike, whose greatest strength has to be technical efficiency (propulsion system and brakes!) and checked parameters. Your safety depends on the condition of your equipment! Helmets are recommended, as well as goggles, gloves, and pads, especially on routes with the highest degree of difficulty.

The most important principle of the use of bicycle routes:

  1. navigate the marked routes
  2. compliance with traffic bans 
  3. unconditional compliance with safety rules - your own and of other users 
  4. giving way to hikers 
  5. respecting the nature principles 
  6. objective assessment of your own capabilities - equipment and fitness 
  7. appropriate clothing and equipment (including food)

Description of Cycling Routes

  • Route 1 Szklarska Small Loop (Mała Szklarska Pętla)
    The route length of 13 km, starts in the city center and runs through the streets near the stadium, the Church of St Corpus Christi. On the way visit the Museum in Szklarska Poreba, then Wlastimil Hofman's House in Lower Szklarska Poreba, The Wobbling Stone, back thought the Dolna street, Armii Krajowej street and Podgórze settlement to the White Valley (Biała Dolina) and to the city center.

  • Route 2 Cogeneration Route
    The route is 50 km long, runs to the Polish Jizera Mountains and Czech Karkonosze. It is a difficult route, at some points there are sharp climbs and hard gravel surface. Very interesting route, combined with the Czech cycling route No. 2, so you should bring your passport. You can visit the surroundings of Harrachov - city center and waterfall Mumlava, on the Czech side. Take a moment to watch the famous mammoth ski jump. Start your trip in the heart of Szklarska Poreba, so you go to the holiday village "South Slope" ("Południowy Stok"), where there is a Spring of Health and Love, stay there for a while and enjoy the wonderful properties of spring water. You should look at Karkonosze through a tourist telescope. Then we head towards the Jizera Mountains, thought quartz mine "Stanislaw" (now closed, the highest in Europe, open pit mine), to the highway in the direction of Jakuszyce. We cross the state border by a road crossing in Jakuszyce, and after visiting the area Harrachov back to Szklarska Poreba.

  • Route 3 Radio Trójka Route
    The route can be described as Big Szklarska Loop, as it goes around the city, allowing you to visit many interesting places. However, this is a difficult route, as it requires good equipment and considerable skills. Less trained cyclists will be required lead their bikes on some sections. Route length of 20 km. Start at the Radio Trójka Square, this leads in turn - through the center, next to the Old Cottage Wallon - note here! You must step in to meet Master Walloon, who can clean you from all filth. His good advice will be useful in further trips; if you're lucky, you may be able to find the treasure of Walloons. Next pass to the Szklarka waterfall and then go through Lower Szklarska Poreba to the Death Turn. Then go from The Death Turn to the White Valley, thence to the Kamieńczyk Crossroads to the bottom lift station and back to Szrenica on Radio Trójka Square.

  • Route 4 Three Districts Connector
    This is one of the easier routes - you can warm up. It is 9 km long and runs along most of the areas in Lower Szklarska Poreba. Beginning in the center of Upper Szklarska Poreba - next to the Tourist Information. Go to Lower Szkarska next to the Church of Corpus Christi, then the next CRR KRUS, sharp downhill ride via Waryńskiego street. Back through Armii Krajowej Street.

  • Route No. 5 Karkonosze Express under Floors
    Quite an easy route, with a length of 19 km. Very nice scenic, beginning in downtown, highway access to the Kamieńczyk parking lot, next though forest roads in the foothills of the Karkonosze to Way Under Floors, hence Kasprowicz street back to the center.

  • Route No. 6 Three Sycamores Loop
    Route in the vicinity of Michałowice, fairly easy, with a length of 8 km. Start and end at the crossroads near Łagodna close Michałowice, follow the road passing the granite quarry, access to trails node in Michałowice and return at the Crossroads Near Three Sycamores. The route was conceived as the additional loop to Route 5 and 7

  • Route No. 7 Two rivers loop
    The route length of over 30 km, and it is quite difficult. Beginning in the center of the Szklarska, near the TI. It is presented by Death Turn and Jizera Crossroads, to the Górzyniec, and return though Piechowice to Szklarska Poreba by the Way Under Floors.

  • Route No. 8 At the foot of the High Ridge - Airplane
    The route length of 35 km, start near the TI in the center of Szklarska Poreba. The route along forest paths routed in the Jizera Mountains. From the center of the road next to mine go Stanislaw, we get to Orle, thence Szklarska Pass, along the road back to the inactive subgrade Szklarska Poreba. The trail is worth recommending due to the views.

  • Route 9 Route Izerski Society
    Trail length 18.5 km, runs routes in the Jizera Mountains. Scenically very attractive and fairly easy-the beginning and end at Orle. Requires traveling to Szklarska Poreba - Jakuszyce.

  • Route 10 Route Interferie
    The route length of 48 km, beginning and end of the DW. Mining Thatch (Wysoka Street). Go through Osiedle Huta to Jakuszyce, then take a very nice scenic route through the Orle, next to the Mountaineers' huts to the point Świeradów Zdrój, return to Sudety Road Szklarska Poreba.

  • Route 11 Route Gazeta Wyborcza
    Start and finish at the TI center, runs through the White Valley towards Jakuszyce, return via the busy highway E-65. Very nice scenic route, quite easy with a length of 14 km.

  • Route 12 Route Artistic
    The route length of 12 km, guiding you to museums, galleries and other places of cultural life in Szklarska Poreba. Start and end at the TI in the center of Szklarska Poreba, leads to the esplanade, where the "Kokon" Author's Gallery of Mr. and Mrs. Beata and Janusz Konecki, then stop by the cemetery, which contains the tomb of Wlastimil Hofman, hereafter - the Museum in Szklarska Poreba - branch District Museum, which contains memorabilia of the brothers and Carl and Gerhard Hauptmann, collections of historical articles of crystal glass factory "Julia" and a rich collection of paintings by Wlastimil Hofman. Then we go in the direction of Lower Szklarska Poreba to Hofman's house; while on our way there, we may also stop at the Tomb of Karkonosz and the Golden View. Forest road, crossing the road leading to Szklarska Poreba get to the Szklarki waterfall. Head toward the house of Jan Sztaudynger (1-Maja Street), on to the street. On the river where there is the house of Zbigniew Frączkiewicz and his open-air gallery called "Stone Circle" with an exhibition of the Ironmen. Going via narrow streets, we get to the disused "Julia" glassworks. Return by E-65.

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