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Downhill skiing contest (December - April)

Throughout the winter, Szlarska Poręba holds downhill skiing tournaments. After all, Szklarska Poręba is one of the major ski resorts in the Polish Karkonosze. Skiing enthusiasts are offered 20 ski lifts, including 6 situated on the slopes of Szrenica, which towers over the town.

During the contest, which take place on the slopes in Szklarska Poręba, everyone can test their abilities, from the youngest participating e.g. in the Preschoolers' Four Slopes Tournament, as well as adults in the Szklarska Poręba Mayor's Cup, or during the Egon Myśliwiec Memorial.

During the "Stars on Snow" contest, famous showbiz celebrities can race on the slopes of Szrenica; during the "Radio 3 Cup" on the other hand offers the same possibility to the fanciers and employees of Radio 3. Szklarska Poręba is also the place of snowboard challenges.

You can ski and test your skills on Szrenica! Read more
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Dog sleds (January - March)

As one of the few Polish towns, Szklarska Poręba has great conditions for doing a marvelous sport - dog-sled ride. The trails in the Jizera Mountains are particularly good for this purpose, as the winter weather lasts there uninterrupted until late spring. Yet another strength is the specific, alpine climate in our region, due to which the northern breed dogs feel at home here.

Sled dogs owners from all over Europe come to Szklarska Poręba every year. This is where the 2003 the first sled sports' contest in Poland took place, in the rank of WSA Europe Championship. In the years that followed, other important events took place, such as the competition of WSA Europe Cup Finals, or the 1st Poland Championship of the Polish Sled Dogs Sports Association in Sprint and Middle Distance. Dog sleds racing is a very exciting sport. Husky or malamutes dragging the sleds at full speed in the marvelous landscapes of the Jakuszyce trails make a magnificent and unforgettable image. Read more

Snow carving (February)

The biggest such event in Poland. The event is a whole-day happening, during which snow figures are made. Up to 12 teams take part in the contest; they have 4 hours to carve 1.5m square blocks of snow into sculptures according to a design provided earlier. Every year, the participants show outstanding creativity and charm the snow out into really complex, interesting forms. Saws are in use, as well as spatulas, spoons, knives, trowels, or even machetes and shoehorns. In order to work out their designs, the teams laboriously pick, cut, form and mold. The sculptures made during the snow carving amaze not only with the authors' creativity, but also their details, finely formed in such a difficult material as snow. So far, the tallest figure made of snow was 5 meters high. After dark, all contest snow sculptures are effectively lighted with colorful lights.

The event is accompanied by concerts, performances, fun and contests for the viewers.
See film

Night Jam Session - freestyle competition in snowboard and skiing (February)

The idea came up in 2007. The first, spontaneous competition took place next to Chata Izerska on a ramp, whose beginning was marked with the window of the residence! Immense enthusiasm and the will to do something new and unusual encouraged a group of hotspurs from Szklarska Poręba and its surroundings to take joint action. They made a makeshift ramp and brought the snow to cover it all over from Jakuszyce. Such was the beginning of and the impulse for organizing an event with greater momentum.
More contests were held on a more professionally prepared ramp in Babiniec.
The contests have the form of jam on two kickers: 8 and 15 meters. The contestants have a definite time, in which they can freely jump with no order or calls. The jury chooses 3 snowboarders and 3 freeskikers. The event takes place after dark, on a lighted ramp, which makes it all the more spectacular.
BABINIEC NIGHT JAM SESSION 2010 contest scored a lot of viewers among skiers and spectators. See film

RETRO Slalom (February)

An event with a soul of its own. Spectacular contests, during which there is more fun and laughter than there is competition. This is where old-school skiing enthusiasts meet. Clothing and ski equipment from bygone eras is obligatory. The older it gets the better. Warning! All modern sports technology are ignored. The slalom score includes ride times, style, dress and the presentation of the player. And since it is not easy to take a ride using the equipment of past ages, the competition must rely more on personal charm than skill.
The unusual nature of this winter event attracts many spectators. The organizers encourage supporters to dress up as well. Surely you will find something in the attic, the closet, or your Grandma’s chest. Welcome!
See video about Retro Slalom

Stars on Snow (February)

Szklarska Poreba lighted with reporters’ flashes! Only here can you meet the whole array of stars on a ski slope during one weekend. It is fun, it is winter, it is refined. Every year, as the winter capital of Radio Three, Szklarska Poreba invites well-known and popular journalists and actors to compete in the Stars Slalom on Szrenica.
Competition involves downhill skiers and snowboarders, and other disciplines involve the participation of Friends of Stars and the Children of Stars.

As it turns out, stars are doing well not only in the movies, and the ski mania compels both music journalists and sports commentators.
Our previous guests include: Michał Olszański, Rafał Olbrychski Dorota Warakomska, Ewa Gawryluk, Piotr Gąsowski, Waldemar Błaszczyk, Piotr Cyrus, Urszula Dudziak, Beata Ścibakówna, Ewa Gorzelak, Ilona Felicjańska, Arkadiusz Skrzypaszek, Michał Fajbusiewicz, Zbigniew Buczkowski, Cezary Harasimowicz, Michaał Milowicz, Grażyna Wolszczak, Robert Rozmus, Piotr Baron, Paweł Homa, Piotr Stelmach, Artur Orzech, Anna Popek and Robert Gonera.

Piast Race (March)

The oldest and largest event in Polish cross-country skiing. The first Piast Race was held on April 11, 1976 and was attended by 518 people. The runners had to go the distance 15 km, but the participants were both children and adults. Much has changed in the organization of the Run since then. The riders run the three distances: 50, 30 and 26km. In 2009, the Cross-Country Race was attended by over 3600 runners.

Piast Race has dug into the history of Polish cross-country skiing over the years; it is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Since 13 June 2008, the Piast Race is part of Worldloppet (Worldloppet Ski Federation) - World Endurance Racing League, which now gathers fifteen races from around the world.

In 2009, the Piast Race has won the title of Mass Event of the Year 2009 in 75th Sport Review!

More www.bieg-piastow.pl
See Video of Piast Race

Open air art (May - September)

In 2005, because of its historical traditions in art and literature, Szklarska Poreba was included into the European Federation of Euro-Art Colonies. However, unlike other places in Europe, it is still a living colony, home to active and recognized artists, poets, people of culture. Therefore, open-air crafts for young artists - students of Polish universities - are held in Szklarska Poreba every year. Students of the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts (painters, glaziers, carvers) come to us for two weeks in spring (May/June). The young artists under the guidance of their academy professors participate in activities conducted in our town and in Leśna Huta.

Szklarska Poreba also hosts weekly open-air schools for students of Wroclaw photo PHO BOS schools. In addition to practical exercises, there are also lectures, photo exhibitions and meetings with famous photographers. For the last couple of years there has been a specific center of ceramics next to the "Raad na Uroczysku" guesthouse is created, where Polish and international workshops are organized for both the residents and the visitors; these come under the title "Ceramics and you", as well as many other activities aimed at promoting this field of creativity.

The results of the work of the young artists from Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, PHO BOS students and ceramists from the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts can be viewed on the exhibitions held in the House of Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann - Karkonosze Museum in Szklarska Poreba.

Every year in July, a meeting of glass artists takes place, during an unusual open-air festival, titled Ekoglass Festival. It's a creative meeting of iron and glass artists, open to the public, during which wonderful and unique pieces of art are made. With each passing years, the festival draws more and more outstanding artistic glass manufacturers from many countries.

Canoeing races (April)

During spring thaws in April, the riverbed of the Kamienna River becomes an arena of spectacular canoeing competitions. During the AMP Mountain Canoeing Championships in Kamienna, the contestants compete; they are not frightened by the terrible twists of our river, dotted with huge boulders and are ready to face the rushing current of the Kamienna River.
This annual event - held since 1984 - attracts many lovers of the sport, both members of sports clubs and canoeing enthusiasts. Anyone who has appropriate skills and equipment can enter the competition.

Spectacular competition on the restless spring river also enjoys great popularity among fans. The canoeing struggle can be viewed on the Kamienna River by the road No. 3/E65 from Szklarska Poreba to Piechowice, usuallyon the stretch from the mouth of Szklarka to the PKS bus stop next to the Hotel "Las."


May's Vertigo (May)

A cyclical event that takes place during the long weekend. The event includes a number of events that are held throughout the city.

Artistic Picnic - Concerts in the city in the open air or in clubs. So far, starred by e.g.: Akuray, East West Rockers, SBB, Kosmos Mega Sound System, The Crackers Band, Marcin Nowakowski, Papryka Korps, and the Hrabi cabaret.

Wheeled May's Picnic - cycling competition for all lovers of two wheels. The Youth Sports League of the Sudetes is a children competition in a bicycle race. Jurek Zawadzki Memorial - cycling marathon in memory of Jurek Zawadzki - a great lover animator of the bicycle image of Szklarska Poreba.

Walloon Picnic - open days of the Old Walloon Hut. Intrepid minerals explorers reveal their secrets during these couple of days. It is a way to learn much about the minerals present in the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains.

Snow Picnic - it is the last ski run in the season. Cyclic meeting not only the Piast Race participants, but also all those who have the ability to run on skis in May!

Ecological Picnic - open days of the Karkonosze Environmental Education Center. Plain air painting, games and contests for kids.

Extreme Picnic - the Quasar Mountain School and the Trollandia Rope Park invite all those who like a higher dose of adrenaline. You can take advantage of the attractions offered by the Parks: including rope bridges, zip-line, downhill- ride line, rock climbing. The program also offers breathtaking mountain rescue demonstrations.

Quest for the Golden Aurun (June - September)

A TOUR for all those who feel like exploring, love secrets, can guess difficult puzzles, find it interesting to deciphe complex characters on the map and in the earth, and above all, want to have fun, which may end up finding a real treasure. This particular terrain game is organized by the Walloons Brotherhood in the Sudetes.
In order to be qualified in the expedition, the participants must, on the basis of suggestions given one by one, cross the route in Szklarska Poreba and reach all the spots in the "Hidden Path of the Walloons".
The prize is the Golden Aurun with a precious stone - the legendary treasure of the Sudetes gold and minerals miners.

Ekoglass Festival (July)

A city with a centuries-old tradition of glass manufacture, which coincided with the second - next to Kazimierz Wielki - artists' colony in Poland cannot lack events linking these two professions. Ekoglass Festival is a creative meeting of iron and glass artists, during which wonderful and unique works are produced. In addition, the idea of this art event is taking care of the environment, so all glass forms created during the festival are made from re-melting cullet. The event takes place in Huta Leśna, and is led by master glass founding in Karkonosze, Henryk Łubkowski. With each passing year, the festival is drawing more and more outstanding glass artists from many countries. The participants of the previous editions were e.g.: from Poland: prof. dr hab Małgorzata Dajewska, Dr. Mariusz Łabiński, Beata Damian-Speruda, Marzena Krzemińska, Igor Wójcik, Maciej Zaborski; from the Czech Republic: Jakub Berdych, Andrej Nemeth, Oldrich Pliva, Jiri Šuhájek; and from Slovakia: Patrik Illo and Martin Muranica.

The event is open to spectators. During the few days of the festival you can see the work of steelworkers and artists working with different techniques.

Weekend with Adrenaline (July)

Weekend with Adrenaline is a cyclical summer event, which attracts hundreds of eager visitors and tourists from all over Poland. It's theKarkonosze Championship in Bungee Jumping, Fire Walk, and many other attractions, especially in the field of extreme sports. Lots of emotion, a large dose of adrenaline, a little fear, and - above all - unforgettable memories of the event!

Every weekend is full of amazing extreme, adrenaline-rushing sensations.The lift arm of Bungee Jumping is getting higher every year! The bravest of the brave, who participate in the jumping competitions, are also judged for their costumes. For them, the bungee jump is not just a fly upside down, it's also the presentation of an imaginary costumes. The force of gravity does not spare anyone or anything! Cardboard, foil, skirts, wings ... costume elements seem to be unmanageable.
With each year the Fire Walk - walking on hot coals - seems to gain more and more interest as well. In the last year's - the eighth - edition of the Weekend with Adrenaline, we have set up a World Record for the agreed number of people who participated in this event - 141. The Fire Walk awakens the desire to overcome one's own weaknesses and fear of the unknown, while raising the curiosity and courage to try your hand.
Similar experiences accompany the daredevils who choose to participate in activities such as zorbing, paintball, zip-line or walking on rope bridges.
The essential point of every Weekend with Adrenaline is concerts. In previous editions, e.g. the following played: Hey, Republika, Perfect, Lombard, Fisz-Tworzywo Sztuczne, Voo Voo, Zakopower, Za kratą, Leniwiec, Margines, Jeen Osiem L, Sistars, Sumptuastic, Bohema, Namaste, Kangaroz, RH+, Kosmos Mega Sound System - DJ Jasiu, Pogodno, Lech Janerka.

Weekend with Adrenaline is also a traditional meeting with the radio and TV stars. During the past events, we were visited by the journalists of the TVP 1 "Coffee or Tea", TVN 24, TVN Meteo and TVP Info, Polsat News; and the fans of Radio Three had more than one opportunity to participate in the charts.
Some of the the well-known personalities from the big screen that came to us, are:Grażyna Wolszczan, Cezary Harasimowicz, Ewa Gawryluk, Waldemar Błaszczyk, Michał Fajbusiewicz, Krystyna Czubówna, Zbigniew Buczkowski and Anna Mucha.

A photoreport of the 9th Weekend with Adrenaline

Nationwide Tourism Exchange of Student Songs (July-August)

It is a Touristic Song Festival, held annually since 1968 in the Base of Ponura Małpa in Szklarska Poreba. Those who were students at the earliest marketplaces are now elders! However, the event continues to attract new generations of both singers and listeners. During the four-day event all the lovers of mountains, guitar music, sung poetry, gather and listen to authorial tracks sung in contests and countless songs. Over the years, the following sung in the Ponura Małpa Base: Wolna Grupa Bukowina, Piotr Bakal, Grupa Toruń, Andrzej Mróz z Grópą Kociołek, Ryszard Żarowski, Jan Błyszczak "Mufka, B-Complex, Tomek Jarmużewski, Krystyna Lisiecka, Jacek Musiatowicz, Dom o Zielonych Progach, Ukryty Zegarek, Karol Płudowski...
The marketplace is the first and earliest tourist and student song review in Poland. It is a non-profit event, so admission is free. Camping, showers, toilets, etc are free as well. The artists appearing on the scene also do it for free.

Apart from that, as additional attraction aimed at children, there is a song contest "From kindergarten to Giełdole" played on Radio Three Square and a concert of "marketplace for the town", taking place in the "Esplanade" Town Park. In 2009, during the party the first Guitar World Record Contest Exercise was organized. 39 guitars sounded at the same time! The song was "Rzeka" ("The River") by Wojciech Jarociński of the Wolna Grupa Bukowina.

The Karkonosze Marathon (August)

One of the most demanding races takes place at the top of Karkonosze - the Karkonosze Marathon. The players, who enter the race, have to overcome the 42 km and 195 m peaks of the Karkonosze picturesque route from the Śnieżka to Szrenica and back.

It is at times quite deadly a race, with a variety of altitude between +1575m and -1575m, and 16.5km of it is uphill, 19.2km downhill and only 6.5 km on flat terrain. The difficulties did not deter competitors. On the contrary, they encourage the participants to put their form to the test, to overcome their weaknesses. The first run in 2009 took place under scorching sun, the second in 2010 - for a change - was held in the pouring rain, accompanied by thunder heard from far away.

Although both marathons were extremely difficult, several hundred participants from all over Poland and from abroad came t take part in it. The Run has become increasingly popular. It has been nominated the "Gold Race 2010" by the Maratony Polskie.pl portal.

Bike Festival (August)

Since Szklarska Poreba is the Cycling capital of Poland, it here the biggest event of cycling in this part of Europe is held every year.
The Bike Festival is a spectacular cycling event and a strong adrenaline rush during a single weekend in the town of Szrenica. The festival in Szklarska Poreba gathers thousands of cyclists and fans every year, to see the amazing bike stunts:

  • Downhill
  • Dirt Jump Contest
  • Dirt Best Trick Show
  • Air Water Bike Show - the most spectacular part of the Festival. Diving competition, which is an attraction for spectators, photographers and the players themselves
    as well as
  • BMX Contest
  • Bike Marathon
  • A film review on cycling - the review of amateur and professional movies from competitions and cycling events and activities.

more the www.festiwalrowerowy.pl

Youth Sports League of the Sudetes

It is a cyclical event, aimed at children and adolescents aged 7 to 16 years. It is organized by the "Szklarska Poreba on Two Wheels" Association of Cyclists. The main goal of this event is to promote tourism and sport as a form of active recreation. An important aspect is also to popularize biking and skiing inthe Sudetes, as well as the skills and proper behavior while riding and skiing among the school children and adolescents.

Four cycling competitions (summer) and four-country skiing competitions (winter) take place each year. These are held on Saturdays, which are school-free days. Children and schoolchildren were divided into three age categories. Depending on their age, they start at three different distances.

Members of the Cyclists' Association and the relevant emergency services (Mountain Rescue) are watching over the course and the safety.

Upon the completion of each event, all participants and their families are invited to a bonfire with sausages while awaiting for the results to be announced and awards given out.

The results as well as the galleries with the course of the Youth Sports League of the Sudetes can be viewed on the website of the "Szklarska Poreba on Two Wheels" Association of Cyclistswww.bike.superhost.pl in the "Events" section.