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Microclimatic Salt-Iodine Cave

Groty solne10 Jedności Narodowej St.,
Tel./fax +48 75 717 55 10
Opening hours: daily from 10:00-20:00
- Price per session: 15PLN normal ticket, 12PLN - half-price (pensioners), 15 - guardian with a child (up to 5 years), 25PLN - guardian with a child (5-12 years)
- Pass prices (5 sessions): 65PLN normal ticket, 50PLN - half-price (pensioners), 110 - guardian with a child (5-12 years)
- Carnet prices (10 sessions): 130PLN normal ticket, 100PLN - half-price



"Żupa" Salt Cave

Groty solne 14 Copernicus St.
Farmers' ASIF Rehabilitation Center
Tel: +48 75 717 30 05 ext. 119
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours: daily from 9:00 - 21:00, 7 days a week

It is possible to set individual prices for larger groups.

In a cave, there is a salt shop, where you can buy not only salt lamps, but also world-renowned products for health and a range of well-known cosmetics based on Dead Sea minerals.

"Salt is one of the richest sources of life, you too can reap the very best of health and beauty."